Star Wars Workbooks

I knew it! Math is from the dark side!
I knew it! Math is from the dark side!

A little bit of cool news: the Star Wars Workbooks are now on sale. These workbooks for children in Pre-K through 2nd Grade were published by Workman Publishing, where I helped out as a production designer. I also did some of the coloring work on a couple of the books, which was a nice opportunity. They got a favorable mention in USA Today, too.

I did not do the illustrations for any of the books, which surely would have been fun.

Challenge accepted

Writer Nate Cosby (@NateCosBOOM) wrote on Twitter that he’s disappointed when prospective comics artists only have pinups rather than interiors in their portfolios.

So I drew the following. It’s only pencil roughs, but the rest is the inker’s problem, heh heh.

Snoozin' Man



This post is a little different from the others; it’s a detail of a map I’m building to flesh out a story. For story purposes, this is already way more detailed than necessary—I don’t really need to know exactly how many streets and stores there are, the traffic flow isn’t really that crucial to the plot, and not everyone is going to want a pool in their backyard. It helps a lot, though, to be able to see exactly how big the world I’m building is actually supposed to be, and I hope one day I can translate this into a fully 3D digital model.

It’d be great to get a physical model, but this is only a small detail of an area that covers about 20 square miles.

This is being built in Illustrator.


2013-1228Since Santa Claus is sometimes described as a “jolly old elf” I thought about depicting him in a more elf-like light. I was too lazy to find didn’t have a lot of sources for elves that weren’t inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s description, so I just tried to make this as generic as possible, though I did give him elongated earlobes for some reason.

Spider-Man 20131114

Spider-Man sketchThis was my favorite sketch from Dare2Draw at the Art Directors Club last Thursday the 14th. I did a number of drawings that night, but because I haven’t done live drawing in years it took a while to get back into the swing of things.

That night also featured a long talk by special guest of honor Bill Sienkiewicz. I’d like to put some of his comments in a future post, because it’s just so great hearing people talk about working with traditional media.