Illustration Friday: Myth

IF-MYTH; OsirisYay, another Illustration Friday entry! This week’s subject was Myth. I wasn’t planning to do this project, but my girlfriend and I got onto the topic of Osiris somehow, and seeing the other entries this week made something click in my head. I initially drew a bust just for fun, then figured “Hey, maybe I should ink this.” That later turned into “Hey, maybe I should paint this.” So here we are.

According to Wikipedia, Osiris was a living god who was killed but then resurrected as the God of the Underworld and Death. He was also a fair judge in the afterlife, so I thought to capture both aspects of He Who Is Permanently Benign And Youthful in this painting. Osiris is typically depicted with green skin, which explains the color shift halfway through.

What you’re seeing is the most interesting detail of the painting; the full thing was painted on 13″ x 17″ paper, which didn’t scan too easily (or well, for that matter.)


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